Creative Writing Classes

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BCOT classes:-

The first term was a tool kit for beginners on the basics of writing. Term 2 is about genres and finding sources and Term 3 is about creating longer pieces, specialist writing formats, editing work and getting work published.


TERM 2 will feature the following:

Gothic - Suspense, dread, formats, purpose, language,

Humour - Different types, techniques, irony

Crime - Mystery, plotting, Cludo and the country house murder.
Action/ adventure - Cliff hangers, dilemmas,  pace, plot, character.

Ideas / inspiration - History, magazines, newspapers, myths, fables, stories, archives, memoirs, diaries, orally recorded narratives, traditions, institutions, the so called ‘Canon’

Ideas / inspiration - psychology, philosophy, religion, science, semiology, politics

Writing for children - Techniques, formats, publishers,
Fantasy -Techniques, ideas, what to read


TERM 3 will feature:

Stories and narratives – the catalyst, getting short fiction published

Writing radio plays – layout, re-creating the world in sound, serials, short pieces, the BBC

Screenwriting – layout, writing collaboratively, visual v words

Creating stories from facts – Stephen King

Creative non-fiction  -fictions and fiction from facts

Writing for performance – plays, songs, poems

Starting to write a novel        

Getting published – agents, publishers , where to get published

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