Jenny McRobert's poem is shortlisted in the Fish Poetry Anthology Competition 2015

Jenny McRobert's poem 'Silver Samovar' made the Fish Poetry Anthology Competition shortlist, out of over 1,400 entries. Her poem can be read here:


Silver Samovar

My Grandmother owned a silver samovar.
It sat in a corner commenting volcanically
on the world and his wife
burbling in secret coded self-talk,
hissing and chuckling manically,
enjoying some mysterious private joke.

Sometimes it poured out dark, acerbic
moans and jibes, groans and grumblings.
Was it even English, Russian, Gibberish?
Who could tell?  Not even Grandma
whose ungrateful child it was;
sometimes it spat spite-steam
on to her time-mottled hands,
thwarting her thirsty lips,
her amber memories brewed in pain.

She folded into a reverie,
time-ticking, head-nodding silence
her eyelids moist, half-closed:
I snatched you quickly as the city burned
you squealed steamily not to be left.
My Cyrillic longings jotted in vapour breath,
written in strange foreign-tinged air.
All that I brought with me
and all that I left behind.

Grandma, Samovar and I communed
in the long-ticking, steam-misted night
in silvery companionable silence,
breaking the morning with hot lemon tea.
Freeing them from locked-down mystery,
we churned the memories like soft soil
and raised a toast to our lives.





Portrait of Jenny © Jenny McRobert

Samovar and Lemon Tea: Stock photos 2015.