From the familiar to the fantastical these stories will lead you to places that will stay with you, even when you've set this book down. 'Journeys and What-not' is a map of words; discoveries of time and space - an exploration of both heart and soul where journey's unexpected end will enlighten and inspire...


Hilary Gregory, Marjorie Andrews, Kirsty Whittle, Gill Johnson, Carole Hastings, Angela Ramsell, Anne Ponsonby,  Maria Watson, Di Reid, Madeleine Woosnam, Sally Thompson, Jenny McRobert, Sonja Eagle, Peggie Keeley, Christina Cummings.


Carole Hastings, Madeleine Woosnam,
Gill Johnson, Angela Ramsell.


Text designers
Maria Watson, Angela Ramsell


Cover designers
Kirsty Whittle, Jenny McRobert


Published by 'Pencils and What-not'

Printed by 'Direct-POD'

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