'Little Grey Bear' by Sally Thompson


He sits by my bed, resting slightly against my bedside light that sits on top of my bedside cupboard.  He is my bear and he’s special ... to me.

He carries a little yellow daisy in his little paw and on the bottom of another he has the special words that say “me to you”.


If you could see him sat there quite still and patient, even if you don’t like bears much, I’m sure you’d say ‘aah, he’s cute!’ 

So, my little bear – a bit tatty round the edges now – is special to me.  But why, do I hear you say?  It’s just an ordinary grey bear, one of many that you can find in almost any card shop, toy shop, bits and pieces shop.  Well, maybe so.  But it is the memories, of course, that go with my little bear and that continue to grow when I take him with me where ever I go and where ever she is ...


He came into my life the day when she left.  Like every parent who sees their child grow and develop into a responsible and – hopefully – caring human being with passion, ambition and his or her own special talent, there are also moments when we could cheerfully throttle them.  When, however, they exercise their independence and start to make their own way in the world, we miss them.

And so, it was just the same for me.  I can remember the day now.  Heathrow, like all airports, always charged with emotion.  She carried a back-pack almost as big as herself and waved a final good bye, flashing that sunny smile as she disappeared through security.  I gave a big smile in return, trying so hard to fight back the tears.  She was off; a big adventure in the making, what strength, what courage to step out into the big wide world.


We arrived home I peeped into her room; too tidy, for once!  With a heavy heart I turned to my room to change.  I remember telling myself not to be so stupid; lots of young people travel these days and she is sensible.  I told myself to look forward to all the postcards, emails with tales of adventures and even though time flies I remember thinking, at the time, that the months ahead would last forever.

Then I saw him, sat next to my bed on the bedside table, just lounging against the lamp, the little grey bear, carrying the little yellow flower, like the sunshine of her smile! 

He joins me always where ever I am, where ever she is, he makes me smile ... “me to you”.

By Sally Thompson © SALLY THOMPSON

Photograph: The Little Grey Bear by Sally Thompson © SALLY THOMPSON 2012