Mike Unwin gets the rthythm


"Mike is the author of The Atlas of Birds, The Bradt Guide to Southern African Wildlife, 100 Bizarre Animals, and the RSPB Introduction to Birdwatching. He's also wriiten and illustrated several educational books for children including Climate Change and The RSPB Children’s Guide to Birdwatching."

Mike writes regularly for numerous newspapers and magazines, including The Independent, BBC Wildlife, Wanderlust, High Life, Bird Watching and Travel Africa, and is editor of Travel Zambia magazine.

His writing has won him BBC Wildlife Travel Writer of the Year (2000), the British Guild of Travel Writers’ ‘Best Overseas Feature’ (2008), the LATA (Latin American Travel Association) Travel Writer of the Year (2010), third place in the AITO Travel Writer of the Year (2011) and, most recently, the British Guild of Travel Writers Best UK Feature (2011). He is a regular speaker at travel and wildlife events."




Try printing out what you have written and reading it aloud to yourself. First, you'll be amazed what you spot on the printed page that you missed on the screen. Second, you'll be further amazed by the things you hear when reading out loud that weren't apparent when reading silently – especially repetition. A travel article should tell a story, with all the rhythm and cadences that this involves. Perform it – if only to yourself – and you'll soon see whether it works or not.


Photograph © Kookaburra by Tristan Cummings

Photograph © Mike Unwin portrait - own photography