(Not the) Winchester Poetry (Fringe) Festival

The original idea for this festival came from a discussion between a random group of poets in a pub, following the inaugural TeaPoet Cafe event in Romsey back in May, who thought it would be great to have a Fringe Festival to complement the official Winchester Poetry Festival.

The original idea was to have two events as “bookends” to the official poetry festival, on the Thursday and Sunday Evenings. Since then the programme has grown slightly, but it has been carefully designed not to compete with the main festival’s events in Winchester. The ethos of the Fringe Festival is to promote performance poetry, and to encourage the development of the many talented poets who are not yet published and in our view deserve wider exposure.

The Fringe festival fully supports the Winchester Poetry Festival, and the Fringe events are in no way intended to undermine it. In fact audiences are encourged to explore events in the official festival, and visitors to the main festival are invited to explore the Fringe events too.


TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE FRINGE EVENTS: http://www.notthewinchesterpoetryfestival.org/ntwpf