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Christina Cummings
 - Website Administrator

Christina is in her final year at the University of Southampton, studying Adult Nursing. In her spare time she is writing a novel. Her two grown-up children still listen to her stories.

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Madeleine Woosnam
 - Vice Chair

Madeleine enjoys writing, and performing in,   the Easton village pantomime. She also plays tennis and sings. Occasionally she remembers her husband, three children and dog whom she considers to be her major hobbies... and expects them to laugh at her jokes.

Carole Hastings's picture
Carole Hastings
 - Chair

Carole’s passion for people-watching and travel contributed to her winning the British Guild of Travel Writers New Travel Writer of the Year 2012 award and put her on the long list for the Bradt/IoS Travel Writer of the Year 2011. Her first play was performed at The Chesil Theatre and a cookery book bubbles on her stove.

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Kirsty Whittle
 - Secretary

Kirsty squeezes as much writing as she can in between working as a Pilates teacher and being the mother of two teenage boys. She won two first prizes at the 2011 Winchester Writer’s Conference.

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Sally Thompson
 - Vice Secretary

Sally gave up her hectic corporate life and commuting for the joy of having time to do some writing with a great group of women in Winchester. She sews, reads and dreams and is a born-again ‘ski-bum’ in the French Alps.

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Sonja Eagle
 - Joint Treasurer

Sonja has now retired from working in company management and is spending her new-found free time exploring new hobbies, including jewellery making and writing. She lives in Winchester with her husband.

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Angela Ramsell
 - Joint Treasurer, Class coordinator, Publications

Angela enjoys singing with her Whitchurch choir.  When she isn’t looking after her grandchildren or writing, she ‘enjoys’ being dragged daily for miles across fields by Swift, her lively border collie puppy.

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Gill Johnson
 - Communications Secretary

Gill lives near Winchester and loves writing for fun and making up silly poems for her family.  She enjoys champagne, watching sunsets and avoiding housework.

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Marjorie Andrews
 - Social Secretary

Marjorie has been married for fifty years and is the grandmother of two fine boys. She has a passion for learning, especially about social history, gaining a BSc at 70 years of age. Her hobbies are watercolour painting and stained glass.

Di Reid's picture
Di Reid
 - Membership Secretary, Buddy Coordinator

Di is a retired nurse and was a kindergarten teacher in Kuwait. She lives with her husband in Lymington and enjoys looking after her grandsons, bell ringing, piano and creative writing classes, and is a Cruse Bereavement Counsellor. Di loves watching the weeds grow as she thinks of the next story to write ...

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Jenny McRobert
 - NAWG Notifications

Jenny is a retired psychologist, which comes in handy as she loves writing about thoughts and feelings - and the laptop never needs counselling. She plays bridge, enjoys opera and spends some time battling with her garden. She lives near Winchester with her husband.

Maria Watson's picture
Maria Watson
 - Technical Advisor, Publications

As a child, Maria lost herself in historical fiction and constructed ‘Blue Peter’ models. Now she is an aerospace project manager and is writing a family history, whilst dreaming of impossible schedules and budgets.

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Anne Ponsonby
 - Professional Development and Group Host

Anne was born to travel. From her birth in Pakistan she has lived in many countries, appreciating the diverse cultures, languages and cuisine. Writing is an outlet for memories, family history and recipes from her past. Her computer keyboard still clicks.

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Peggie Keeley
 - Member

Peggie was born in Portsmouth in 1929, moving to Sussex in September 1939. She now lives near Winchester. Her interests are theatre, reading and music. She is married with three grown-up daughters, six grandchildren and two great-grandsons.

Hilary Gregory's picture
Hilary Gregory
 - Member

Hilary settled in Winchester, after travelling the world. She has an immaculately kept house, is the adored mother of two perfectly behaved teenagers and is a successful writer and artist.

All of her writing is fiction.